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JDBWC relies on other open source projects and/or services. This area is for the purpose of listing other projects which have been used to assist with creating and maintaining portions of the JDBWC Driver. They are listed in no particular order. JDBWC is NOT affilliated with, endorsed or supported by any of the following groups and individuals. JDBWC is a derivative work and does not reflect on the work of any of the following groups and individuals.

Essential core network drivers:

Version 1.0.0-2 beta to 1.0.0-3beta (Apache Jakarta Commons)

Version 1.0.0-4beta

DatabaseMetaData information:


  • MySQL Connector/J (
    The Connector/J source code was an enormous help. JDBWC uses some technology, ideas and MetaData information which were derived from the MySQL-Connector/J Driver.
  • In versions < 1.0.0-3beta: Some error handling.


  • PostgreSQL-JDBC (
    The PostgreSQL-JDBC source code was essential with putting togeather the PostgreSQL metadata areas in JDBWC.

Other PostgreSQL MetaData

Special thanks to Lorenzo Alberton for invaluable advice and tips on PostgreSQL MetaData.

Project support: